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Third Coast Guitars

Third Coast Guitars team: BFTS Authorized Retrofitters
Owner, Chris Eudy, says, "Our only business is making your guitar sound, feel and look just the way you always knew it could. Our #1 goal is total customer satisfaction." And they do lots of BFTS retrofits!

Tom Anderson: Tom Anderson Guitar Works
""The effect is so undeniable that we switched over the very next day and we're now making our electric guitars differently. It's an incredibly pleasing experience to play."

Bench Tests: The Buzz Feiten Tuning System - - Guitar Player Magazine
"Listening to the Anderson 25.5"-scale and 24.75"-scale guitars convinced us of the Buzz Feiten System's abilities. We know Anderson builds great-sounding guitars, but these were unreal. Gone were the sharp low-register notes. Close- interval chords sounded much more in tune than they did on any of our guitars, and the bloom of sustained chords was beyond anything we've heard."

Robert Ninow: Robert Ninow Guitar Services and Authorized Retrofitter
"I was amazed when I saw Buzz at the NAMM Show playing four-fingered chords all the way up the neck and every note was in tune."

Pete Anderson: Producer and Session Guitarist
"Long overdue and overlooked, this system has finally made the guitar in tune from top to bottom. Radical bends and steel licks above the 12th fret have never sounded sweeter. I no longer have to fight pitch!"

JC Daugherty: Guitar Repair Professional: BFTS Authorized Retrofitters
"What sold me on the Feiten System was hearing fretted notes played against open strings way past the twelfth fret - and still perfectly in tune!"

Luthiers Mercantile: 1997 Catalog
"Many have attempted ingenious systems to repair the fretting errors, but none have been entirely successful until now... Listen, do you hear that distant rumble? Sounds like the Big One coming... could it be? Yes, (cue the trumpet fanfare) a solution is at hand. With it a radical shifting of paradigms for designing and building fretted musical instruments. The Buzz Feiten Tuning System has arrived."

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