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    Jimmy Haslip
Lyle Workman

After the constant struggle with intonation - some chords being in tune while others aren't - I can finally hear all my chords and voicings ring true in perfect harmony. The Buzz Feiten Tuning System is a giant step in the advancement of the guitar.
  Scott Henderson

It's a pretty incredible system that really works. I'm not a tuning nut and I never really have been, but his system is so good that when you really want to get in tune, it makes it possible, whereas before - forget about it. You can never really be in [tune] with regular guitar tuning. It's in tune all over the neck now, which is something that most guitars aren't.
  Jimmy Haslip

With an amazingly simple adjustment my instruments are now all in tune! The Buzz Feiten Tuning System works. It has changed my professional life. Now, I can just concentrate on the music at hand with a new found level of confidence! A definite improvement to my overall performance.


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Adrian Belew

What's the buzz about? Perfect intonation. With the Buzz Feiten Tuning System every note, every chord will be in tune across the entire fretboard. A fundamental requirement but something guitarists have never had until now.

Gary Burnette

It increased my efficiency in the studio by 30 percent, because I don't spend all that time messing with my tuning.

Liona Boyd

For as long as I can remember, the guitars that my fellow classical guitarists and I have played always sounded slightly out-of-tune and I just assumed that tuning our instruments was always a matter of compromise - that they would never sound perfectly in tune in the upper frets if the open strings were in pitch. Having recently discovered Buzz Feiten's amazing system, I realize that what I had always believed is untrue. A guitar can be in tune in any fret! I would highly recommend his revolutionary approach to guitar tuning for any performer or builder, no matter what style. It will change your life.

Pete Anderson

Long overdue and overlooked, this system has finally made the guitar in tune from top to bottom. Radical bends and steel licks above the 12th fret have never sounded sweeter. I no longer have to fight pitch!

Stu Hamm

Amazing, it really works! from the 1st fret on my low E to the 24th fret on my high G, the bass is finally in tune. Having the 1st four frets in tune (not sharp) has made my life in the studio much easier. I'M SOLD!