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John March: LA Guitarist
"Before the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, I lived in the dark age of tuning where every session and every gig was a potential tuning nightmare. You never knew what would happen. After the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, I was completely free. Who could ask for anything more!"

Michael S. Conklin: Guitar Player
"To me, pushing and pulling strings and even re-tuning has been an inconvenient fact of life. Buzz Feiten does exactly what guys like me any chord, at any position rings clear and true...better playing and more of it. The PERFECT solution for any guitar."

Roy Garcia: Jazz Guitarist and Instructor
"Without proper intonation there is no music. Now that I have BFTS on my guitars my music has never sounded better. I love the full rich sound of a guitar in tune, not only with itself, but with everyone else in the band... BEST THING I've EVER DONE!. "

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