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How It Works
How It Works Features How To Identify A BFTS Guitar Tuning With The BFTS Tuning By Ear F.A.Q.
Retrofit your guitar or bass with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System More than 700 BFTS Authorized Retrofitters are trained and certified to Retrofit your guitar or bass.

Guitars Retrofitted with BFTS

  • Play in tune from the first fret to the last
  • Our exclusive Shelf Nut is made from the highest quality bone for superb tone
  • Your original bridge is used so your action and tone are unchanged
  • Tune by ear or with ANY electronic tuner of your choice
  • Korg and Peterson Tuners with BFTS Mode offer fast and accurate tuning
  • Our Non-invasive Retrofit does not change your guitar in any way
  • Works perfectly with alternate tunings, capos, zero frets, locking or roller nuts and tremolo systems
  • Every Retrofit includes our Shelf Nut with Lightning Bolt Logo and a Serial Numbered Authorization Sticker for authenticity
  • Suggested retail price to retrofit your electric guitar or bass is only $139.00